Local Philanthropic Opportunities for the Upcoming Holiday Season

The Birmingham area is booming with opportunities to serve your fellow man in one way, or another, this holiday season. No matter how busy you are, or how much time or effort you want to give, there are opportunities waiting – and they need your help. So, since we’re always looking around for ways that ... Read More

Twilight Anonymous Meetings?!?

It’s bad enough that we’re over 30 and on facebook (MySpace just feels dirty), but now we at BirminghamMommy are addicted to a Young Adult series called Twilight. You may have heard your 15 year old niece raving about it… and now you’re going to hear us rave about it too! We have read the ... Read More

DST ends… and winter begins

Daylight Savings Time ends Sunday November 2nd. Don’t forget to let your clocks fall back an hour. We deserve an extra hour of sleep, but sadly our childrens’ internal clocks probably won’t cooperate with that! No more long days, it is officially wintertime! ... Read More

Restaurant Review: Chipotle Grill

We’re always a fan of a good meal at a good price, at a restaurant whose staff doesn’t roll their eyes when they see kids. Well, we found another gem in our midst. Chipotle Mexican Grill in Hoover is YUMMO! With a simple menu of basic ingredients, their motto says it all, “A few things, ... Read More

Louise's Cakes & Things

Birthday parties are a big event in our kids’ lives. Finding a delicious and affordable cake is not an easy task. We’ve tried a lot of different options. The best kept secret in the cake world is Louise’s Cakes & Things in Hoover. The cakes are delicious and affordable. Case in point: I’m slightly neurotic. ... Read More

ABC time! Learn, eat, bathe.

Around my house, we’ve been learning our ABC’s. Here are a few of our favorite tools:1. Our favorite book is Chicka Chicka Boom Boom by Bill Martin Jr. and John Archambault . It’s colorful and clever; you go through the alphabet twice and the rhythm of the book makes for easy memory.2. ABC Tater Tots!! ... Read More

Good idea!

  Birthday parties seem to be happening every weekend now, and we have a great way to give that gift to your friends!Instead of paying close to $5 for a bag that will most likely get thrown out, try using a reuseable grocery bag. The grocery store kinds aren’t very pretty, but Toys R Us ... Read More

Would you microchip your child?

Let’s face it, there are some scary people in the world. One of the hardest struggles of my life is letting go of my children and letting them go into a scary world. I am terrified of what or who may try to hurt them. The thought of one or both of them being lost ... Read More

Spotlight on Children's Photography

There are so many photographers out there vying for your business… and all they ask in return is the contents of your wallet! Here at BirminghamMommy, we have found a favorite photographer in Birmingham. She is priced reasonably, as she is a mom herself and understands the financial demands that children place on you. Images ... Read More

Free Children's Books!

Just a reminder:If you’re a Jefferson County resident, please take advantage of a wonderful literacy program funded by the Dolly Parton Foundation and administered by the Junior League of Birmingham. Imagination Library ~ One free age-appropriate hardcover book per month, per child, up to age 5. ... Read More