52 New Things – Week 12

Angie – My new thing for this week comes back to food, do you see a pattern here? We had our monthly bookclub at one of my favorite restaurants. Whenever possible I order the lobster tacos because they are phenomenal, only they are so special, they are elusive most times. With them not having the ... Read More

Budget Tips – By Birmingham Moms!

The economy has, well…shrank.  My budget right along with it.  But we’re pulling through – we’re staying positive and we’re working harder than ever to stretch our dollars.  I’ve managed to clean up my spending and make (almost) every dollar count toward a bright future for my family.  I try to keep the long-term in ... Read More

Amanda's Attempt to Entertain Us This Month- This Time Without Eyelashes!

One month ago yesterday, I lost a very important piece of me – my eyelashes. Not all of them, but enough to vault me into the treacherous world of falsies, online tutorials and shame. In this post, you’ll note that I lost my eyelashes in a freak accident involving my 2-year-old, an overzealous tickeling match, and ... Read More

Multiplicity – Tantrums, In Stereo

Many people call it the terrible two’s, while I agree that it’s not all sunshine and rainbows,  I hate referring to children as “terrible.”  Are we setting ourselves up for more challenging behavior by predetermining this phase and giving it a stigma, or a type of negative expectation? It’s never fun dealing with a tantrum ... Read More

52 New Things – Week 11

Jamie – I went to a cow farm.  It doesn’t get much newer than that.  I moved to the Midwest over 6 months ago and there’s an awesome Dairy Farm on 65 South that I always pass on my way back to Birmingham.  I’ve been dying to go.  Award-winning cheese, super-duper fresh milk & ice ... Read More

"got milk?" Birmingham Does!

The National “got milk?” milk mustache tour is coming through Birmingham and you aren’t going to want to miss out on this special event! Come out and join them as they celebrate those special moments that families share at the dinner table and help them encourage moms to serve milk at dinnertime as an affordable ... Read More

Juicebox Jukebox – Lullabies

If you’re a fan of Norah Jones or John Mayer this is an easy enough list to compile on you’re own, but why not let us do the work for you?  Here is a playlist sure to soothe your little angels right into what we hope is a deep, sleep through the night, slumber. Good ... Read More

Birmingham Area Easter Egg Hunts

Get those baskets ready and let the kids loose for these Easter Egg Hunts in and around the Birmingham Area! This list was such a big hit last year, we decided to put one together for you again –  We will continue to update this list as we learn more, if you know of a ... Read More

That Pesky Time Between Dusk and Dawn

People who say they sleep like a baby usually don’t have one.  ~Leo J. Burke I have a full day, everyday; errands, laundry, chauffering – you name it – it gets done at some point.  And as we sit here at the end of winter, with it’s short days, there never seems to be enough ... Read More

UAB Shaken Baby Prevention 4K Stroll – April 10, 2010

Hey Birmingham Moms – here’s a great event we can all participate in (including the itty bitties) and help bring awareness to a problem close to everyone’s heart at the same time! UAB will host the Shaken Baby Prevention 4K Stroll on Saturday, April 10 at the UAB Campus Green. This is a wonderful new ... Read More