52 New Things – Week 36

Angie –

I tried another new vegetarian recipe and it was a FAIL. I wanted spaghetti with meat sauce so instead of using hamburger meat, I used some type of soy/protein crumbles. While it looked like regular hamburger and didn’t actually taste bad the texture was just off. Almost mushy. I have texture issues and just couldn’t get past this one. I think I’ll be having my sauce sans meat from here on out.

Trish –

Kindergarten: I love it and I hate it.  We’re not early risers in my house.  We get up around 8-8:30 generally.  That was, until kindergarten.  Kindergarten drop off is at 7:30AM.  Which means getting up in the (GASP) 6:something time frame.  We have it down to an art, it takes us exactly 15 minutes to get up, dressed, and in the car.  But the new thing for me is TIME TIME TIME.  Getting up early is like adding 2 days to your week.  I’m getting so much done!!  My house has never been cleaner (I cleaned toilets before 8am one day, what is that!?).  My meals are planned out and my budget is below normal.  Who knew that a few hours a day was all it would take?!

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