Multiplicity – From Cribs to Wild Rumpus.

We are currently making the transition from cribs to “big girl” beds, which loosely translated right now means, “Party in our Room! Let the Wild Rumpus Begin!”

I remember when we switched our oldest daughter to her minimum security facility. She had all the freedom to roam only it took her months to actually figure out that there was no invisible barrier keeping her in her bed. She was never one that tried to escape the confines of her crib, she’s a rule follower still.

The twinlets on the other hand had started expressing interest in jumping out of their beds. I caught “Ashley” twice straddling the rail when I turned my back to start their nighttime music. Luckily I was within arms reach of a quick push gentle nudge back to the mattress side of the railing. “Mary Kate” could almost climb in her bed, luckily she never figured out that inside to out would be easier because of the 4″ mattress giving her a boost.

We’re about a week and a half into the transition and they still play for a couple of hours each night. At worst they were up until 1:30am, at best asleep by 10:15pm. I consider myself lucky that we’ve avoided tears and hours of crying and meltdowns, but I find myself wondering if they will ever get bored playing with each other up there. We have literally stripped their room down to nothing but blankets and a couple of books yet they keep themselves entertained for hours… When they have the entire house and every toy imaginable at their disposal they fight like cats and dogs. What gives?

Dear Parents of Multiples,

This whole keeping each other up all night can’t last forever can it? If you have been down this road, what am I missing? Are yours in the same room, same bed or did you find it more efficient to separate them during sleeping hours in hopes of them (and the rest of the house) catching some Zzzzz’s?

Yours truly,

Sleepless in Birmingham

2 thoughts on “Multiplicity – From Cribs to Wild Rumpus.

  1. Hi,
    Nothing is worse than NO sleep!!! 🙁 When I was going through this, we separated our twins into their own rooms. That way there was noone there to entertain them, and they really had no choice but to go to sleep b/c they got bored. If this is an option for you, I highly recommend it!

  2. My girls aren’t twins,but they are 18 months apart and they share a room. They stayed up waaaay late for a while once they started sharing a room. After a while the novelty started to wear off and they started falling asleep earlier. There are still those random nights that they stay up talking,playing and laughing, but I love the fact that they are enjoying each others company so much. Hang in there!!

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