52 New Things – Week 37

Angie –

I attempted to go one week, well not even one full week really, I attempted to go 5 days without watching television. It was an epic fail. It’s pretty apparant that this household is pretty reliant on the television – Not just me, but I use it as a crutch to help me out with the girls during the day. If I need to get work done, make a meal, do laundry or need a second to myself, I plop the kiddos down in front of the tube and dial up a litte Blues Clues or Wonder Pets. While this experiement was a fail, I did learn that there are times throughout the day when the TV is on and no one is even watching, it’s actually only adding to the noise level in the house. I may not be able to turn it off for a week, but I am walking away with more awareness. It won’t be my go to and when we don’t specifically need it, it won’t be on.

Trish –

My new thing this week was boots.  Two pairs to be exact.  It’s been a hard week, a hard month, though both very productive.  I deserve it, so I got some buttery soft brown riding boots and some sleek black knee highs.  Now if the weather would just cool off about 20 degrees…

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