Tips for Everyday Life

These are the things that you hear from your mom or your grandmother– the little tidbits of knowledge that get passed along. I have also found tons of little tips from the Queen of Good Things (Martha Stewart) and from Real Simple.

1. Use a few small marshmallows in your brown sugar to prevent it from getting hard/dried out

2. Use a clean toothbrush to get the threads out of corn on the cob

3. Use a raw piece of spaghetti to light a hard to reach candle

4. Use socks as travel shoe bags for your shoes in your suitcase

5. Use a bright wallet so it’s easy to spot in your big purse

6. Store your flat and fitted sheet in the matching pillowcase to keep it organized

7. Use a coat of nail polish to prevent rust on the bottom of shave gel cans, etc

8. Use a damp sponge to wipe up pet hair off of uphostery

9. Use hair conditioner as shave gel- cheaper and great

10. Use a penny in the water of wilted tulips to bring their zest back

11. Use a dryer sheet and water to get pans with tough stains clean

What tips do you have to share?

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