About BirminghamMommy.com

Parenthood is no easy task. Becoming a mother brings an unimaginable sense of joy, but it also brings a sense of isolation… Isolation from your former life, your former career, your former body, your childless friends. (FYI, your childless friends are lying when they say they love shopping with you and your baby. They don’t. And they’re also tired of hearing about poop. Stop now.)

The gals that founded BirminghamMommy.com were just women new to staying home with their children. They hoped to find resources and local interest for moms at their fingertips, but kept coming up short.

These moms wanted to know and do more than just the usual status quo, they wanted fresh, modern parenting information for their area. So they went out and made it happen for themselves, and, in turn, for all the other mommies in town. They realized there were many different types of moms who weren’t being represented in local media. They didn’t want to read stale articles about where to find the best baby bottles—they wanted to read about moms who were tired like they were, moms who weren’t sure about staying home, moms who didn’t want to go to Chuck E Cheese.

Founded in 2008, BirminghamMommy.com has consistently provided parents in the Birmingham and surrounding region with local resources to make parenting less stressful and more fun. The sitefeatures contributors from central Alabama who each have their own take on what it means to be a mommy. “Our hope is that there is a little perspective for everyone’s tastes, and that if you can identify with someone you’re reading about out there, you’ll realize you’re not alone.”

So here at Birminghammommy.com, you’ll find out about the best of Birmingham and it’s surrounding areas of Helena, Alabaster, Hoover, Vestavia, Homewood, Gardendale and even Tuscaloosa – from a local mommy’s point of view. So let us save you some time, some money and some energy… you may be surprised at what your city has to offer!  Quite simply, we’re the online source for moms in Birmingham, AL.

The Founders

BirminghamMommy.com was founded in May of 2008 by Birmingham moms who just weren’t finding what they were looking for in local parenting information.

The mom behind the magic

Born and raised here in Birmingham, Angie is a proud Stay at Home Mom to 3 beautiful girls – A single and a set of identical twin girls – that translates to busy. Very busy. Her background is in Sales and Marketing, and she never knew how useful that training would be when marketing a fruit or vegetable as yummy or successfully selling the idea of pooping in the potty to a toddler.

She loves her home town and is happy to help other moms learn the in’s and out’s of the city and all that Birmingham has to offer.