52 New Things – Week 3

Jamie This week, I jumped feet first into the world of  I know, I know, could this get any more intriguing.  But for me, it was a) a first and b) very exciting.  I started the weekend off by taking a seminar by Tammy Hart.  The class was fabulous – I only wish I’d ... Read More

Going out (sans kiddos) in Birmingham, AL

Legwork, done. Going (and enjoying yourself), up to you… ~Kristine Gresh Right off the bat and most importantly, you are not going to enjoy yourself if you are feeling guilty. So, shrug off any of it you’re feeling (I mean, you deserve this) and replace it with a fabulous pair of party shoes. Or that ... Read More

Etiquette Classes for Kids

The Etiquette School of Birmingham will offer a new children’s etiquette course for second through fifth grade students beginning Sunday, January 24 and running through February 28 (just in time for Spring Break!). Consisting of six one-hour classes, the course will include a dinner at an area restaurant. Classes will begin at 2:00 p.m. and should be finished ... Read More

Birmingham Moms Crave Consignment.

Consignment season is here. Bam! Right on top of us again. Moms all over the city are scrambling to find wire hangers and are digging themselves out from beneath the tubs and tubs of baby clothes they’ve been resisting getting rid of for sentimental reasons, but if you’re like me, resistance is futile. The time ... Read More

A PANK and proud of it.

By Amy Whitfield Richardson I turned 30 this year. Either something you face with great enthusiasm or great hesitation. I can’t say I faced it with the former, but I got used to the idea slowly and somewhat painfully. After all, being a woman reaching this “pivotal age,” used to be quite intimidating if you ... Read More

Couponing Made Easy

by Holly Syx Do you like to get products for free or really cheap?  I sure do.  That’s why I use coupons.  Coupons are like cash.  You can use them at the store to get that grocery total WAAAY down.  There is a little strategy involved, but it’s really easy. Maybe you’ve seen someone in ... Read More

So You Want to Wear the Baby…Part II

In May 2009, we posted about the many options of baby carriers on the market.  Since then, we’ve gotten the scoop from from someone who knows all about babywearing – yep, we want you to wear the baby!  Susie Spence, of Babywearing International of Birmingham has graciously given us a little of her time and ... Read More

Tuesdays 52 New Things – Week 2

This past week was full of firsts for us. Since we were all in New York together for most of the week, we decided to combine our list into one. If you’ve been reading then you know that we were participants in the audience of the “Martha Stewart Show.” Attending the taping of a talk ... Read More

Run the "Heart & Sole 5K and Fun Run" with

Some of us at are running the 5K, some of us are running the fun run, but either way – we’ll be there!  We would love, love, love it if you would join us too! This is a great way to get out and meet some mommies in our area! So bring a friend, ... Read More

Mingling with "Marth" The Wrap Up.

What an exciting experience! We had such a great time seeing “The Chosen One” in person. As we mentioned in our first segment, the set is absolutely beautiful and exactly what you would think of when you think of Martha. Lots of lush green plants, meticulously decorated,  and we can only imagine the deliciousness that ... Read More