You might think that Thanksgiving is the most important thing happening this week, and I hate to inform you that you are incorrect. It’s Iron Bowl Week Baby!! Forget the turkey it’s time to sport your orange and blue or crimson and white…. Bragging rights are on the line! Many of us host Iron Bowl ... Read More

We love this idea for an edible craft. It makes a great afternoon snack,  the kids will love helping out and reaping the reward! What you’ll need: Donut Holes – Or Munchkins – Assorted is best so you get an arrangement of “acorns” Pretzel Sticks Peanut Butter Chopped Peanuts What you’ll do: Smear a little ... Read More

With the holidays around the corner you’ll need to think beyond casseroles, hams and turkeys if you have some family in town  crashing at your place. We’ve got a yummy Bacon, Egg and Cheese Casserole you can make up for when the mob wakes up hungry and wants something more than Captain Crunch! This casserole ... Read More

You may have seen these cute little banners selling for a pretty penny on sites like Etsy, bet you didn’t know how easy they are to do yourself… Here’s the lowdown. What you need: Assorted Craft Papers (Fall or Halloween Themed) Scissors Hole Punch Index Cards Stencil (unless you feel confidant in free handing your ... Read More

Yummy Eats: Crockpot Chicken with Black Beans and Cream Cheese

We found this recipe a few years ago and shared it with our friends. The feedback was incredible! It’s so very simple and makes great leftovers as well.  If you have a super easy yet super yummy recipe, send it over to and we’ll share it with our readers! 4 -5 boneless chicken breasts ... Read More

This month our theme is Fall! We’re all moms, and we know how busy life gets. It’s hard to find meaningful activities to share with your children when there are literally millions out there. Especially the 9-5 moms who come home and have only a few precious hours, of which dinnertime and bathtime take up ... Read More

School is officially in swing!   If you’re like me, you start out the new school year with uber creative, delicious, healthy, and cute lunches.  Then rushed schedules, hectic mornings, and forgotten grocery shopping come in.  So here’s a couple of fresh and fun ideas to keep lunch fun.  And the great part is that they’re ... Read More

Wrapping up our month of colors we’re going to focus on Red and Green, and what better way to do that than with some red and green apples? This one is easy because you most likely have an apple in your fridge, with a little paint, construction paper and/or a canvas bag you’ve got yourself ... Read More

This week we are focusing on rainbows and multi colors. We’ve got 2 really simple activities, like really really simple. For the first activity you will need to remember the colors of the rainbow…… Come on…. you can do it! Remember this? Roy G Biv Here’s what you need: A strip of ribbon (about 4ft ... Read More