Busy Mommy Bonding: Summer Learning Fun

Keeping the little ones busy throughout the summer can be tough but trying to have fun while learning can be even more difficult. Here are a couple of ideas that we think will solve both of those problems.

Oreo Moons
Summer for most kids means staying up late.  This fun moon activity is perfect and can be tailored for all ages.  It is also a very yummy activity!

What you’ll need:

Oreo cookies
Moon phase chart– Younger kids or Older kids

Let the kids stay up one night so they can see the moon and start asking them questions about why it looks different sometimes.  Show them the chart and explain that the moon is always the moon, but it looks different to us.  Then let them open the Oreos and begin to carve the moon phases out of the creamy middles.  This is best done with little fingers, so encourage them to lick away and enjoy learning!  If you want to take it one step further, you can use a flashlight to simulate the sun, a soccer ball for Earth, and a tennis ball for the moon.  Turn the lights out and start experimenting!

Raindrop Art – (We mentioned this in a previous Busy Mommy Bonding)

What You’ll Need:

White Cardstock
Food Coloring (all colors)
Rain coat
Rain Boots

Put down some old newspaper to protect your table top
Give each child a piece of cardstock and let them drop some food coloring on their sheet
Suit up and head outside
Put each sheet out in the rain and let them watch their masterpiece transform right before their eyes…

A great book to accompany this activity is Raindrop Plop by: Wendy Cheyette Lewison

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