Ahhhh….Choo! Birmingham Mommies Don't want the flu!

Don’t forget to head out to your local doc or visit a flu shot clinic to get your dose of the flu shot this season! We usually go for flu mist, but that’s not always available. Here are some local flu shot clinics in the area: Walgreens – for $24.99 the flu shot is available ... Read More

BirminghamMommy Retro Post : School's In! Let the Lunchbox Quest Begin!

*This post first appeared on September 2008 So, it’s time once again for lunchbox packing to resume. With summer over, we don’t have the option of throwing leftovers, a waffle or any other random food that can masquerade as lunch on the table and call it quits. No, we have to step it up ... Read More

Volunteer Opportunities in Birmingham

Throughout the year, we try to post various volunteer opportunities in the Birmingham area. We believe that the more involved you are in your community, the richer your life in that community is. So, as we round out the summer – the time is upon us to think about all those fall festivals! And all ... Read More

Great sites for kids

Our kids will know more about computers than us in no time! Starfall is a great basic site to learn letters and sounds. It has games and cute songs. Poisson Rouge is a great multilingual site. It’s a little hard to figre out at first since there are no labels, but once you poke around ... Read More

Vacation spot: Blue Ridge Mountains, GA

Just a few short hours away you can live it up in a gorgeous cabin in the mountains, for way less than a beach house would cost. You can relax in a hot tub overlooking the mountains, or try an array of activities such as fishing, hiking, swimming, whitewater rafting, horseback riding… the list goes ... Read More

New Mommy Bootcamp: Free books for 5 years!

All month at we are going to be featuring tips and bits of knowledge for new moms. We already do this throughout the year, but you’ll see a lot of it this month. And we don’t know everything!! Please comment and let us know your opinion! Make sure you sign up for this wonderful ... Read More

New Mommy Bootcamp 101

When you pee on the stick, you’re so nervous. When you see the second line, you’re so excited and terrifed all at the same time! Then it’s time to start preparing. Being new to motherhood is daunting. You want to do the best possible job, but you have no idea how! You have no experience ... Read More

Do you twitter?

FOLLOW US! If we run into any good sales or great deals around town, we’ll have a way to post it quickly!Twitter with us! ... Read More

Happy Memorial Day

Enjoy your day off and think of those who have served us and our country. “True heroism is remarkably sober, very undramatic. It is not the urge to surpass all others at whatever cost, but the urge to serve others at whatever cost.” Arthur Ashe “A hero is someone who has given his or her ... Read More