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Since we are spending the month talking about Dads and Fathers day we decided to let a BirminghamDaddy share with us what’s on his itunes. We asked local and first time Dad, Matt to help us out, here’s what he has to say:

“Being a daddy for the first time last year changed my life, all for the better. And ever since he was a tiny baby, I’ve played all kinds of music for him in the car when we’re riding around. I think it’s important to give him a wide range of music styles to listen to, even as a little one. Music has always played a big part of my life, and I hope that by listening to music with my son, he will develop that same love for music that I have. So here’s a little sampling of some of the songs that Collin and I listen to!”

John Coltrane – “Central Park West”
Just one of the single greatest jazz tunes of all time…nobody does it quite like Coltrane, and this is also a soothing song for the little man to listen to.

Joseph Arthur – “Honey And The Moon”
An awesome acoustic guitar song that has great lyrics and very soothing melodies.

Angels and Airwaves – “True Love”
Definitely a more upbeat song, but it has a great melody, great musical quality, and great message as well.

Kings of Convenience – “24-25”
Not many people know a lot about this duo from Norway, but they are one of my favorite bands. This is one of the songs off their latest album, and really one of the best. It’s very acoustic and very mellow.

Sufjan Stevens – “Chicago”
Not many people I know like ol’ Sufjan, but very few people I know can resist the great melodies and lyrics to this great, great song about a great, great city.

John Mayer – “Clarity”
If you know me, you know I can’t have a playlist without a little Mayer on it. This one is one of my favorite songs…I had a musical epiphany when I heard it, and I hope that Collin will or has too!

Pearl Jam – “Corduroy”
Off of arguably Pearl Jam’s best album ever, Vitalogy, one of the lesser known songs, but definitely one with a great rhythm and awesome lyrics.

The Police – “Message in a Bottle”
Going old school is never a problem for Collin and I, and The Police are fantastic for driving around music.

Ryan Adams – “When The Stars Go Blue”
A little tip of the cap to’s Angie Cleland here, who is a big fan of this song as well. Awesome melody, perfect guitar playing…it doesn’t get much better!

Stars – “Going, Going, Gone”
This is the version on their EP, “Are You A Sad Robot?”, not the version from their first album “Nightsongs”. Get it, you’ll thank me later.

We’ve made this playlist available for you on itunes in case you want to download some or all of these songs!

If you want to learn more about Matt check him out on his blog “The World According to Matt” or follow him on twitter @mattplanet

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  1. Great Job Mattie! I loved seeing you and sweet Collin on here! No doubt he will have an awesome line up in his I-Pod one day. Although I’m hoping to see a little Britney in there in honor Aunt Jo! :0)

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