52 New Things – Week 24

Jamie –
After multiple tries with the toddler and a certain art project I had in mind, I gave up.  That isn’t like me.  I usually stick it out and get whatever it is I want – in this case, a footprint out of paint.   Anyway, after attempt 5, I took a step back, reassessed the situation and took the project in a different direction.  Too bad though, that’s one cute little foot.

Trish –

My new thing is using a Household Organizer.  It’s like a planner, but it has EVERYTHING in it— cleaning, dinner, grocery lists, to do’s, appointments, etc.  I have a child entering Kindergarten this year, which makes me nervous about all of the new “things” coming up.   I’m trying to get a handle on keeping life manageable before it gets too out of control.  And I like it, makes me feel stable and grounded to have one central place.  It’s my “Mommy Command Unit.”  🙂

Angie –

I bought a new holder for my iphone for when I run. I’ve tried several different things over time and haven’t been able to find anything that I really like. The one I bought goes on my arm. I don’t love it, but it’s the best of anything I’ve tried and it sure beats carrying it in my hand.

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