Save Green by Going Green

In the spirit of Earth Month we thought we would throw out some ideas on how you could actually save some green by going green! We all love an incentive to save money!

1. Host a toy swap!  This is a great way to illustrate to children how to reuse something.  Let the kids choose some toys they aren’t too attached to, then let them swap.  You can make it fun and let them draw a toy out of a bag! You could even use this as a theme for your next playdate.

2.Grow a small, manageable garden.  This accomplishes so many things- educating your child, saving money, providing healthy food, and encouraging children to try veggies!  If you grow it, they will eat it.  Or just lick it once, but nonetheless, baby steps!

3. Book and Magazine Swaps for adults.  We all love a little time with a good read, but let’s cut down by sharing.  Utilize your library, swap books with friends, rotate magazines.  It only takes about 30 minutes to read a magazine, spread it around and share the savings.

4. Cloth napkins.  Buy a set of white napkins and a set of colored/printed.  Designate one set as “cleaning napkins” and one set as “people napkins.”  Eliminating some paper towels and baby wipes will save money and resources.

5. Newspapers – Great cleaning tip: Use newspaper to clean your windows and glass.  Make your own glass cleaner by combining water and white vinegar.  (1/4 cup vinegar per gallon of water)

6. Reusable sandwich bags- If you’re a crafty mom, you can even make your own.  These will eliminate the need for Ziplocs that get thrown out, and kids love them. Etsy is a great place to purchase these if you don’t fancy yourself crafty… We found these and plenty more.

7. Staying in line with the Cloth Napkin theme. Another way to save on cleaning is to purchase some inexpensive white wash cloths. Keep a stack under your sink next to your homemade cleaners and use those for wiping down your kitchen. We go through 2 a day. One for cleaning and one for cleaning the kids.. Toss them in the wash and it’s an easy go to that will save you rolls and rolls of paper towels.

We would love to hear what tips or tricks you use to save green, greenly..

One thought on “Save Green by Going Green

  1. “purchase some inexpensive white wash clothes”…do it the old fashioned way(that just happens to be green) and clean with rags:cut square pieces from your old used clothes

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