Do it Yourself Designer Wrapping Paper

We love incorporating our kids art into creative projects. We’ve mentioned before that using your child’s artwork to wrap some of your small presents throughout the year (Birthdays, Holidays..) is a great way to re-purpose and not have to actually keep the entire stash yourself. If you haven’t been saving all your childs precious art (join the club), it’s super easy to have them re-create it using just craft paper. It will also keep them busy while you’re cleaning for the arrival of your guests.

Roll out some kraft paper, give the kiddos some crayons (markers if you’re brave, paint if you’re crazy) and let them go to town. Give them a theme, have them draw Christmas trees and stars or just let their little imaginations run wild.

If your children have outgrown coloring for fun, check out your fridge, yes your refrigerator! Fruits and veggies make great “stamps.” You can see this beautiful paper we created using a pear. Slice it in half with a knife that is NOT serrated, and leave the stem on the side you plan to stamp. Choose a color, brush your pear (or dip) with the paint then stamp on to your plain paper. Embellish with ribbon and done. It makes a very elegant looking wrap.


Also try apples and the ends of celery. Arranging the stalks so that the ends (C’s/half circles) make a really cool pattern.

Whatever the finished product might be, your family is going to love the personal touch of your creative wrapping!


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