St Patty Playdate!

Photo from Betty Crocker

St. Patrick’s Day is a fun holiday that doesn’t revolve around kids receiving gifts. Make a festive playdate for the favorite kids in your life with a few simple ideas:

1. Have a gold coin hunt. Buy some cheap chocolates wrapped in gold foil. Hide them like an Easter Egg Hunt and let your little leprechauns search for their treasure.

2. Green foods! Green food coloring in milk and added to sugar cookies will make some fun treats. Easy and fast, the kids will love it.

3. Rainbows: Use rainbows to decorate and make some rainbow cake!

4. Coloring sheets printed from the internet are as crafty as you need to get. If you’re not a neat freak, offer some stickers and glitter too.

You don’t need a complicated craft or entertainment to make kids happy. Let them play and socialize, that’s what makes the best playdates!

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