Revive Birmingham.

By Nanci Scarpulla:

I was born and raised in Birmingham. My mother was born and raised in Birmingham,  as was my grandmother and so on…

Birmingham is in my blood as much as Alabama is in my soul.

My husband has an equally heavy Birmingham story. His great grandparents embraced the American dream as Italian immigrants and came through Ellis Island, on their way to the Magic City.

Whether the Magic City was a playground for a little curly headed girl, whose sweetest memories were growing up in Woodlawn, and awaiting the day she could pick her father up at the Birmingham Terminal after his overseas service in World War II, or a sweet Italian family who came over to celebrate their faith, and freedom, in a city that offered the opportunity to those who sought change in their lives, Birmingham held a special place in our families, and it still does.

For the next month, REV Birmingham will host the Street Life Project, including Pop Up stores and businesses through out several Birmingham neighborhoods. REV Birmingham is an economic development program that encourages entrepreneurs and business owners to grow their business in our city and bring new life to areas.

Why is this important? As a mom, I believe this so very important to the success of not only our economic recovery, but to the revitalization of neighborhoods by providing jobs, cleaning up abandoned or neglected areas, increasing tourism, providing events and programs, and most importantly, encouraging civic pride and community in our children.

Plus, if you are interested in opening up your dream business, this is a great opportunity to learn the ins and outs with the help of REV Birmingham’s Retail Revolution.

Each week for the next month, I will feature the Pop Up Projects and events going on around the city. I encourage you to shop, walk, eat, and see what our city has to offer.

Whether you are a native to Birmingham, or you relocated and now call Birmingham your home, this is our city and this is our chance to REVive it.

As a city, we have created and recreated ourselves many times. Neighborhoods change, laws change, people change, and environments change, yet the very soul of our city never seems to change as long as we have people who will continue to believe
in the magic of the Magic City.



Week One: Downtown Birmingham

(For more information, visit

For one week, downtown’s 1900 block of 3rd Avenue North will be vibrant with street life, pop-up retail and art installations. We ask you to celebrate this vision of revitalization by joining the street life as you walk, eat and shop. Come grab a doughnut before work, grab a quick lunch and catch an outdoor dance class, then come back by to shop a bit in the evening.

Check out the Revive Birmingham Calendar for up to date events including FREE dance lessons, parties, and unique new businesses in the area.

This weeks pop up stores include:


Doughboys Doughnuts

Four Corners Gallery

Nisolo Shoes

Pigment & Ink

BIG City Brand, with Yellowhammer Creative,

Made in the Magic City

Rugged & Fancy

Harold & Mod


The REVIVE 2013 Schedule Includes:

Downtown, 3rd Ave. N. – September 30 – October 4

East Lake – October 7 – October 11

Ensley – October 14 – October 18

Five Points South – October 21 – October 25

Woodlawn – October 28 – November 1

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