Mamarazzi: Oh Drew!

By Harmony Hobbs:

Oh, Drew!

Drew Barrymore had her baby last week and I am just now finding out. WHAT! Why did it take me so long?!
Because she didn’t make a big deal about it.

She had her baby like a normal person. She didn’t call the press, she just went to the hospital and gave birth and then went home. No paparazzi, no tweets. She even gave her daughter a normal name: Olive Barrymore Kopelman. Even during her pregnancy she never said a word about it – NOT A WORD. She even looked like a normal pregnant woman. It was all very un-Hollywood. I admire this.

Drew, you used to be a mess and maybe you still are, but you’re rockin’ this motherhood thing.

(Sidenote: Nick Lachey and Vanessa What’s-Her-Face are already tweeting pictures of their 2 ½-week-old and whoring him out to the media … I’m just saying.)

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