Itty Bitty Magic City is Back! is so excited that this exhibit is returning to The McWane Science Center. It was one of our favorites and a big hit for the kiddos.

The mini-sized Magic City – complete with buildings, factories, cars and trains – encourages young learners to explore new skills as they join the cities’ workforce. By dressing up in a favorite career costume and becoming a steel worker, doctor, pilot scientist or train conductor, preschoolers take one small step into the world around them. While operating cranes, turning gears, pulling pulleys, and building structures – to name just a few of the hands-on activities – children expand their understanding of themselves as they experience how objects behave and how their own actions affect the objects around them. Little explorers are free to navigate this active learning area at their own pace, allowing creativity, fun and discovery to flourish in the Itty Bitty Magic City.

Age Range: 1-6

Exhibit opens March 7

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