How to Avoid Overeating (AKA The HOLIDAYS)

The more, the merrier! Or maybe not when it comes to your plate and your waist. Here are some ways to keep the excess pounds off while still enjoying your holidays and not denying yourself the food you love:

1. Wait! Don’t go back for seconds just yet. Give your body a 15 minute break. Reason: It takes your body about 15-20 minutes to “feel” full. You may not want that extra gingerbread man after all.

2. Water! Drink lots of it. A body that is dehydrated is often mistaken as being hungry. Use a plastic tumbler or water bottle to make sure you’re getting enough water. It also helps curb your food intake.

3. Plate! Use a small plate. Less food fits on it. The bigger the plate, the more food people tend to pile on it.

Bon Appetit!

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