Homeschool Mommy: Is Homeschooling For You?

At Birmingham Mommy we are always thinking of ways to better serve the Moms and families in the Birmingham Area. One way is to discuss topics that are important to you. Homeschooling is becoming more and more popular in our area and we’ve noticed!

Each Month, I, our resident Homeschool Mom, will cover homeschooling topics that are of interest to Birmingham Homeschool Mommies. This month I’d like to discuss why my family chose to homeschool.

I am an avid Netflix binger. Lately, I’ve been watching ‘Call the Midwife”. And something the narrator said really resonated with me. “ There are two reasons we do anything in this life. Love or Fear.” And that really describes my family’s homeschool journey thus far.

As a first time mom, my decision to homeschool my oldest daughter, really was made out of fear. The thought of sending her off to school away from me eight hours a day when up until then she had always been at home with me, was more than I could handle! I just didn’t feel ready to share her with school. Maybe that’s a little selfish, but I’m just being honest with you.

In all fairness, I lived in a good school district with caring teachers, she would have been fine. And she would have thrived. My girl is a smart, social butterfly. But I went ahead and dove in with homeschool.

The only thing that helped me through those first couple of self doubting years, was that I had a friend a couple of years ahead of me homeschooling her children. She was such an encouragement to me, I think every potential homeschool mom needs a friend/mentor like that!

As the years passed, I realized that fear was no longer a factor in our homeschool. It was love. I loved being the one to teach her to read, and see her enjoyment of books grow. I love teaching her new math concepts and watch her be confident in solving equations. I love the flexibility it gives our days. I love that I get to spend so much time with my children. Homeschool really is a gift. Is it always an easy task? Nope. But doing things even when they’re hard is good lesson for all of us.

With homeschool being a growing option in the United Sates and in Alabama, there are more resources out there for homeschool families. There are special homeschool days at parks and attractions, more online curriculum options, co-ops for homeschool classes, and even the inclusion of homeschoolers in sports at public schools. Homeschooling in the U.S. as a while up to 3.3% of school aged children in 2015/16 from 1.9% in 1999 according to responsibleschooling .org

No matter where you are on your homeschool journey, I hope that Birmingham (Homeschool) Mommy can be your go to spot for encouragement and information on Homeschooling in the Birmingham Area!

About Abby:

Abby is a Writer, Wife and Homeschooling Mama to 3. She live in Springville, AL with her Family.

2 thoughts on “Homeschool Mommy: Is Homeschooling For You?

  1. Yes! It explains why I homeschool my younger boys. My oldest was in public school and struggled and got pushed aside mostly with an exception of a few great teachers who saw him for who he really was on the inside. Oh I wish I could have homeschooled him. Love your article. It is great!❤

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