14 Days of Love for Valentines Day

Here’s a super simple way to celebrate Valentines with your kiddos this year. Simple little love notes taped to their doors each night after they’re asleep will give them something to look forward to leading up to the big Day O Love…

These can be something you cut out of construction paper if you already have it on hand or, I picked these up in the $ Spot at Target.

They come in a pack of 16, so you’re covered if you start on February 1 and do one each day. You even have enough to have one say “Things I Love About You.” On each heart write something you love about your child, these can be simple or you can get detailed, totally up to you!

More examples:

I love that you are a GREAT big sister/brother

I love how much you care for others

I love how you always make me laugh/smile

I love how creative you are

Use their bedroom door or a good wall they can see first thing in the morning. I have 3 daughters and plan to do a mix of hearts that include things I love about them all, and some specific to each of them along the hallway between their rooms.

No matter how you do it, your kiddos are sure to feel special and loved! ❤️

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