Family Gratitude Jars

This is one of the sweetest family traditions I have ever heard of. It is so easy, so simple, and so cheap. There is no reason why every family shouldn’t have one of these this month! This craft won’t only help you get a glimpse inside your families heads, it will most importantly bring you closer together during this season of family and gratitude. So lets get started!!

Here’s what you need:

  • A mason jar
  • strips of paper (construction paper in fall colors would be adorable but is definitely optional- sticky notes would be so easy!)
  • a pen

And that is IT. You see what I mean?? Use an empty mason jar you already have or a CUP for goodness sake. Everyone has paper and a pen lying around. This craft isn’t about what it looks like, its about what it is going to do for your family. *note* If you have a child who can not write yet, get them a disposable camera. You’ll see why later.

Put your mason jar, paper, and pens in a common area of your home. For my house, its the kitchen table. You get the honor of writing the first thing that you are thankful for on a sheet of paper and putting it in the jar. Tell your family to do the same, once every day. Tell your kids who are too little to write to take pictures of the things they are thankful for. When the camera is full, develop the pictures and put them in the jar too.

On Thanksgiving day after you have all eaten and are spending some time together, have everyone take turns pulling a piece of paper out of the jar and reading it aloud. My family always really enjoys this because you can tell which pieces of paper were written at the beginning of the month. They are silly and cheesy, but as the month goes on the ¬†things written on the papers become more serious and you can tell everyone really started thinking about what they were grateful for. And I don’t have to tell you that what the little kids take pictures of is adorable- prepare to bawl your eyes out because there is probably going to be at least five pictures of you!!

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