Homeschool Mommy: Cutting Curriculum

It’s time to discuss another reason why homeschooling might be easier than you think! My goal is always to encourage those who are interested in homeschooling. And I hope that so far, I have been successful.

One reason I hear a lot of families being hesitant to try homeschooling is the cost. And they’re right, homeschooling can get expensive. Especially, if you consider it means living on mostly one income, because some one has to stay home and actually do the schooling.

I’ve found a few ways to help alleviate the some of the expense in my few years of homeschooling. And if you know of anymore or think of something that I missed don’t hesitate to share that with us!

First, there is the option to just do public school at home. Most school districts offer some form of this and will include the books and supplies need for your student for free. Check with your local school board for details for what’s offered in your area.

Easy Peasy All In One Homeschool. Free, is always a good deal! And I feel like it’s especially a good deal considering the quality of this curriculum. If the all online aspect is something you’re not crazy about, you can purchase workbook versions of the curriculum on Easy Peasy’s Amazon store. I am currently using the math workbook for my first grader and the Fourth Grade Reader for my fourth grader. I am pleased with the classics my daughter has read this year, and at a really awesome price.

Curriculum Consignment sales are another great way to purchase quality books and save some money. Just the same as kids clothing consignment, you can find some awesome deals. The Faith Community Christian School in Trussville usually hosts a curriculum consignment sale at the end of the school year, around June. There is also Heritage Academy that has a consignment curriculum store in Birmingham as well as on EBay.

The Birmingham Homeschool Fair also offers a used curriculum sale. This year the dates are April 25, 2019, for sale volunteers and April 27, 2019, for the public. I’m personally looking forward to checking this sale out for the first time this year. is one of my favorite apps/websites and they have curriculum if you know what you’re searching for. Facebook also has homeschool groups just for the purpose of buying, selling, and trading curriculum.

And there’s always just borrowing and trading among other homeschool families. Most of us are happy to help other homeschooling families. We love to share! I know that my Kindergartener is using some quality Math U see curriculum this year because a friend just passed it down once her children were finished with  it.

I hope these ideas are helpful and help you see that you don’t have to have a money tree in your back yard to afford homeschool.

If you want to learn more about getting started in the Home School process, make sure to check out our last couple of articles, Is Homeschooling for You and to get some tips on socializing your Home Schooler, you can see those tips here.

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