Fun Ways to Countdown to School Starting

Whether you like it or not.. School is just around the corner! Many moms and kids countdown the days until summer begins. Why not do the same thing for school starting? It will help teach your children not to dread their responsibility, but rather prepare to tackle it and enjoy it. This is specifically good to do for new kindergarteners who may have the jitters. Only excitement can trump nervousness!!

Here’s a few ideas we thought of, found on pinterest, or heard about from friends:

1. Family calendar- as simple as X’ing off each day until school starts

2. Paper Chain Cut construction paper and glue it into rings. If there are 20 days left, make 2o rings. Each day the kids take one ring off.

3. School “Advent” Calendar- This is what we’re doing at my house. Each day, the kids mark a day off and are given their small treat. Some days it is a piece of candy, some days it is new pencils or crayons. This is a great way to “gift” them new school supplies.

4. Book countdown- Gather books that are themed about school. Make a stack- one book for each day left. Read one book per night, reducing the stack. This would be especially helpful for little ones who may be nervous about the first day.

5. For the tech-savvy crowd, use an online countdown tool like this one. Or find a fun app since our kids have our phones more than us… 🙂

What ways do you prepare for the first day of school?

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