Conversation Hearts for Parents

Life changes a lot once you have kids, we’re not saying that’s a bad thing, obviously. But there’s nothing like a good ole’ Love Holiday to magnify the differences between Valentines Day before kids and after.

The days of hitting up the lingerie store for something sexy to wear are way more difficult, if not impossible now. If you can manage to get to the store to spice up your under panties in hopes of a special night with your significant other, there’s no guarantee anything more than homework, extracurricular activities, dinner, bath, and bedtime for the kids will happen before you pass out from exhaustion yourself and hope, just hope that your kids let you get a good solid nights sleep. Romantic dinners are harder whether you’re looking for and paying a sitter, or decide to have a dinner in once the kids are asleep, planning something in advance will almost guarantee vomit or a fever.

So as we were eating our way through a box (or 4) of conversation hearts, we got to thinking…. what if this box of hearts were written by parents.. What would they say?

  • Wine Me
  • Send Help
  • To Do List
  • Bedtime
  • Where’s ur coat
  • Don’t touch
  • Because I said so
  • Yoga Pants R Sexy
  • Maybe Later
  • Ur in trble
  • Take out
  • Netflix and Snooze
  • Wanna Take a Nap
  • Who Needs a shower anyway
  • Not Tonight
  • Go the &*%$ to Sleep
  • &*%$

What would your conversation heart say?



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