52 New Things, 2014. Week 6

Whew…. Another week waiting on winter weather. But we still managed to come up with some new things.

Angie –
I’ve decided to encourage the curl. My hair is not straight and it’s not “pretty” curly either, but I’ve felt for a long time that if done right, I could do something with the curl/wave that I have. I spoke with the amazing Jessica Lazarus from Zaru Salon at my last trim and got some tips from her. The biggest being not to use my regular bath towel on my hair when towel drying. Instead I’m currently using a cotton t-shirt and it’s made a world of difference. I still have to touch up with the curling iron but it takes so much less time letting it do it’s thing and it holds the curl way better.

Kristen –
Fresh Market’s Roasted Chicken Salad. Shut. Up.

Shirley –
My new thing this week is lemonade. Not the lemonade you can drink.. but the “when life gives you lemons” type lemonade.
This week my family had made the trek to the Mountains of North Carolina for some quick, cheap snow skiing. (Which by the way is a great place for families). We were having a blast when we got word that there was over a foot of snow headed our way that would leave us stuck for several days. So we had to make the decision to hit the road before all the weather came through.

We made it to a small Tennessee town and got snowed in at an interstate Econo Lodge. I was left pouting because we left the beautiful mountains for a hotel with a parking lot view. My girls were so excited because they had an indoor pool and we ended up Our little 2 night detour turned out to be one of the best family vacations anyone could ask for. It was simple, inexpensive, and perfect. I’ll take a second helping of that lemonade any day!

What were your new things for this week?

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