52 New Things, 2014. Week 34

What we did new this week!

Angie –
My new thing this week was to loosen up my parenting reigns and allow the 8 year old to ride the neighborhood with a friend who came calling. I was out checking the mail when a little boy with a spiked helmet rode up and asked me if I new “Elizabeth.” When I informed him that I did indeed know her, he asked if she could come out and ride bikes and explained to me that he lived just around the corner.. she came out and I asked if she wanted to ride and she did. So, I watched as she rode to the end of our street, crossed over and hopped on the sidewalk and rode out of sight. Then I loaded the twins on their bikes and followed a great distance behind. Everyone was fine in the end, my nerves were shot but she did it. I did it. We may not do it again anytime soon but we did survive.

Kristen –
Champagne table Grapes are my new thing for the week. They are tiny adorableness and so, so delicious. Best part is, I don’t have to quarter them for the baby!

My new thing is Alabama’s first win if the season. Roll Tide.

What did you do that was new?

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