5 Things to Know: Candytopia Atlanta

An inclement weather makeup day on Good Friday gave us the perfect excuse to jump over to Atlanta and check out Candytopia! If you were following along on our Social Media last week you probably know all about this sweet goodness, if you weren’t (shame on you!) Now, let us fill you in!

Candytopia is a traveling exhibit that celebrates the wonderful world of candy! Yep, Candy! From the 360lb Candy Dragon that greets you at the front door, all the way to the giant candy peach made of peach candies as you exit the gift shop, Candytopia is a candy (and Instagram) lovers paradise! You will wander through 7 delightfully bright and tasty rooms, taking in all of the confectionary bliss as if you had stepped into a life sized game of Candyland.

Here are 5 things we think you need to know, before you go!

1. Download the App before you get there:

As you walk into the magical Willy Wonka like lobby of Candytopia, you will be told the rules (touch everything, lick nothing) and to download the Candytopia app. (They’ll also insist you take some free candy, more on this in #2) This app will provide you with a QR code that will be your access point for photo ops. There are multiple photo stations throughout the exhibits and a friendly and oh so helpful Candytopia employee will take your phone, scan the code and the photo they take will be sent directly to your phone. For Free! It’s pretty “sweet.” However, as they were explaining the rules, I was trying to get the app downloaded and wanted to take pictures in the lobby and it stressed me out because I was afraid I was going to miss something or mix up the rules, which could have been bad. Downloading before you go will help you not feel so rushed when you start your candy journey.

2. Have a place to stash your candy:

As you wander through the different rooms of Candytopia, there will be opportunities to pick up some free treats, which turns into more than you can hold when you multiply that by 3 kids in 7 rooms.  Make sure your purse is big enough because telling your kid no more candy while being surrounded by nothing but candy, probably won’t go over really great… Especially since it’s FREE. For those with allergies, there are signs that display allergen info and ingredients for all of the candies offered,  which is mostly non-chocolate, Pixie Stix, candy bracelets, and Airheads type candies.

3. Have a Camera or plenty of space on your phone:

As we mentioned above, this place is what Instagrammers dreams are made of. It’s one big photo op after the other. With bright colors and fun set ups, you will take a ton of photos. TONS. And if you have pre-teens, it will be tons times the number of pre-teens you have. Here’s a little side tip. We’ll call it 3a. Let loose and enjoy the experience. I’m not much on being in photographs, but this place is too good to pass up and I knew I would regret not having some fun photos. Take a look at their Instagram before you go so you can get some ideas on how to pose at some of the photo stations! 3b. Plan some fun color coordinated outfits if you want to really go all out.

4. Timing your trip:

When you purchase your ticket, you will choose a time block. It’s suggested that you arrive about 15 minutes before your assigned time (30 minutes past and you will be denied entry) So, if you’re going over from Birmingham straight to your reserved time slot, allow plenty of time (!!!) We came sliding in right on time, it took us a strong 3 hours to get there. Atlanta traffic is, well, Atlanta traffic. It was a lot of driving for just about 1 hour and 45 minutes through the exhibit. It might be worth considering adding this to other activities if you’re already going to be there or build a weekend in Atlanta around a trip to Candytopia.

5. Candytopia is a limited engagement, Hurry!

As hard as it is to believe such fun must some to an end, Candytopia is a limited engagement and will only be open in Atlanta until June 2nd. The sugary spectacle will be closing up and moving on to the next city, so if you want to check it out, you’ll need to hurry!

Candytopia is located at Lenox Marketplace in Buckhead
3535 Peachtree Road NE Suite 100
Atlanta, GA 30326

Parking is free in the parking garage at Lenox Marketplace


Adults: $28
Ages 4-12: $20
Ages 0-3:  Free!  No ticket necessary.
Tickets must be purchased in advance (!!!)
Limit 12 tickets per person.


Monday – Saturday: 10AM to 8:30PM
Sunday: 11AM to 8:30PM



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