Women’s Strength Class with D1 Training

Women have a dilemma. They want to get “in shape” which typically means “lean and toned” but don’t know how to get there or even what that actually means. The truth is getting “lean and toned” means gaining muscle mass and losing body fat. Fitness magazines and the Internet are filled with the newest plans and exercises that will magically make this happen. How does one choose an effective program that actually gets the desired results? The answer is barbell training.

Many women believe barbell training will make you huge and bulky. Not only is this not true, it is virtually impossible. Barbell training allows women to increase their lean body mass and reduce body fat. In addition and of utmost importance, barbell training will make you STRONG and being strong is awesome!

The Women’s Strength class at D1 Training is a comprehensive strength training program for women who want to learn how to correctly and safely lift weights. A limited class size allows each trainee, no matter her previous experience in the weight room, to receive individualized coaching and in turn maximize her results.

All participants will begin by learning how to correctly squat, deadlift, overhead press and bench press. These movements will then be utilized to increase overall strength as well as balance, coordination and lean body mass.

The class is coached by Margaret Armstrong. Margaret has a background in exercise science, nursing, and dance which give her extensive knowledge of body systems and body mechanics. Her coaching enables clients to gain results they never would have achieved on their own. Margaret is also a wife and a mom
of two young boys, so she knows what it’s like to juggle her time and responsibilities to make room for training, health and wellness.

The class is held Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8:30-10 AM at D1 Training in Homewood. All participants are asked to commit to at least one month. The price for three weekly sessions for a whole month is only $199.

Margaret is also available for one-on- one and small group sessions.

Charlotte Donlon has been attending the class since October 2017. She recently had this to say:

“My husband and son have been members of D1 for several years, and I honestly thought I would never walk through the doors for my own training. I started working with Margaret 16 weeks ago and am thrilled to be on this new path. Margaret is a perfect trainer for women like me whose goals are to get stronger and have an enhanced sense of wellbeing. She’s super knowledgeable about body mechanics, and I love her consistent and steady approach. I’m already lifting more weight, improving my form, and sleeping better. I’m also more confident in other areas of life because of my time spent at D1.”

Contact Margaret at for more information or
call 205-588- 2734 to register.

Additionally, D1 offers opportunities for the entire family, including adult
bootcamp and strength classes as well as classes for children 7 and older.

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