Twas the Week Before Halloween…

Twas the Week before Halloween and all through the house…

Day 1: Think, “Halloween is a whole week away – plenty of time to get ready!”

Day 2: Realize you don’t have any Halloween decorations when the kids asked to put some out. Make a quick  Michael’s run for orange and black twinkle lights and fake cob webs. (Everything is 50% off, Score!)

Day 3: Buy three times more candy than you need. Happen to buy all of your favorite kinds. Open bag on the way home from the store. What? You have plenty.

Day 4: Promise your kids they can watch “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” Find out that it was on TV a week ago and isn’t being shown again. Get called a “liar.”

Day 5: Realize that Halloween is 2 days away and you haven’t bought costumes. Ask everyone what they want to be and search the attic and dress up clothes frantically for something that will work. End up going to Party City and spending your entire paycheck.

Day 6: Go back to the store for more candy because… oops.

Day 7: Return all costumes because kids changed their minds. Drive to three different stores to find  everything for an “Over the top scary robot-killer clown-alien” costume. Pick up more candy while you’re out. Finally get everyone dressed and out the door. Trick-or-Treat for 10 minutes before the kids start yelling that their costume is “too hot/cold/itchy/fill in the blank.” Swear off Halloween forever.

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