Thankful Turkey Kid Craft

This is a really easy and fun craft to do with the kids this week as we start prepping for Thanksgiving. It did not require too many supplies and they were all available at my local dollar store.


Construction paper

Googly eyes




Something to write with (we used crayons)

We started by cutting out our turkey body, which is just a circle of brown paper. We then used different colored paper to cut out turkey feathers to write on. Each of my kids thought out 5 things they were thankful for this year and we wrote them on the colored paper feathers. Last, and I had to help the little ones with this part, we cut out legs and a beak. After that it all we had to do was glue it all together. We had a lot of fun and we able to talk a lot about how fortunate we are at the same time.

What are your kids thankful for this year?

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