Spring is in the Air: Cleaning and Decluttering, Here We Come!


Spring is in full bloom. That means birds are chirping, flowers are blooming, and your house is crying out for some much needed attention! Cleaning and de-cluttering, here we come!

Here’s a great guide on how to keep a simple home. By simplifying life, you can eliminate a lot of the problems before they actually become a problem. Life with kids is chaotic and will always involve stepping on a toy here and there.

Tips to simplify:

1. Identify what’s really important and get rid of the rest. Go through each room, put everything in the floor and start deciding… keep? donate? trash? sale? When you put your keep items back in their spot, don’t overfill it. Keep drawers 50-75% full.

2. Basket system. One of the biggest complaints from moms is that everyone leaves their stuff in the family room. Keep a laundry basket or decorative basket in the family room. Throughout the day, place those items in it. At the end of the day, all items need to be back where they go. Otherwise, they risk being donated. Kids will listen when they hear that part!

3. Designate areas and which items go there. Have a designated “get ready for school” area where shoes, backpacks, lunches go. If your children know where to put their things, there’s a much greater chance that they’ll put it there.

4. Chore charts. Make the kids contribute to the family by doing small appropriate chores. Feeding the pet, unloading the dishwasher, making their beds… these are all things that toddlers and up can help with. Teach them early that they are part of a unit and their contribution is important.

5. Clean in small bursts. No one wants to spend a whole weekend making the house spotless, only to see it in ruins by Monday night. We LIVE in houses, and living in something means it will get messy and dirty. Clean a little bit each day.

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