Reindeer Cookies

We couldn’t really label this as a “recipe” since we used store bought dough (but you certainly could use your favorite sugar cookie recipe, like this one we use for Valentine cookies…) So, we’re going to call this an edible craft, perfect for all ages or anyone who just likes to eat cookies.  The prep and clean up are minimal, as well as the cost.

You’ll need:
Sugar cookie dough
Mini M&M’s (1 pack is plenty)
Regular M&M’s
Pretzels (twisted)

Prepare the sugar cookies as directed.

While they’re still hot, use two spoons to squish the sides in, making it look like a face.  

While still warm, use one regular m&m to make the nose.  Rudolph’s is red, and the rest are brown.

Then use the mini m&m’s for the eyes.  Any color works.

Break the pretzels to get antlers, and just stick them in.

**The only way this will fail is if the cookies get too cool and harden.  Have the kids and supplies ready and waiting, and consider cooking the cookies in several smaller batches.””

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