Quick Cleaning Tips for the Summer Season

With the fun of summer, comes the “fun” of keeping the house and yard tidy when the tiny humans are home more, and tracking in all sorts of outside and making more messes than you have time to clean. Here are some tips for keeping things clean during these summer months!

  • Your laundry room is sure to see more action during the summer with swimsuits and beach towels, not to mention all the tshirts stained with popsicle drippings! Keep this space organized by clearing out any empty boxes or bottles that may have accumulated and since summer presents an entirely different set of stains (condiments, ice cream, grass, dirt) before you sort by whites and colors, make a habit of sorting clothes by those you need to pre-treat and those you don’t.
  • Stop dirt at the door! If you don’t already and can, implement a “no shoes” policy in the house. If that’s not a practical solution for your family (we’ve tried and it’s not for us) get your tiny humans and guests to wipe shoes on entryway rugs or front door mats to protect floors and carpets, and to catch dirt, dust, pollen brought in from outside. Inside, place washable rugs in high-tragic areas to prevent sand and dirt from being tracked from room to room. Confine eating to the kitchen or dining room so you won’t be chasing crumbs throughout the house.
  • Outsmart smelly trashcans which are even worse in the summer heat, by storing extra liners on the bottom of your trash can to protect against spills and leaks. Summer’s also a great time to spray down trash cans outdoors with a hose and a little dish soap—multitask and do it when you wash your car.
  • Skip the dishes. My kids eat A LOT during the summer. The sheer number of cups and bowls from 12 different snack times can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to washing all of those bowls and cups… Skip traditional dishware and have your kiddos use paper dishware.
  • When the sun is out, the kids and pets are out … which means stinky kids AND pets! Sprinkle baking soda on the couch or pet’s bed, let it sit for a few minutes and vacuum it up to neutralize odors.

What summer cleaning habits do you have to keep the house clean during the warm summer months?

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