Panda Express: Meals the Whole Family Will Love

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When school and sports are in full swing we don’t have a lot of time for grocery shopping and sit down dinners at home. We’re always looking for places we can hit up when we’re bustling to and fro. Quick and tasty is always a plus… Enter, Panda Express.

Panda Express Restaurant

Panda Express serves American Chinese cuisine and checks both boxes of quick AND tasty. Bonus checks for making all 3 of my kids happy! That rarely ever happens. With an offering of premium proteins, handcraft sauces, and freshly chopped vegetables prepared by skilled chefs using powerful wok, they truly offer something delicious for everyone’s taste.

So, what’s good? We opted for the new Sichuan Hot Chicken Strips. Since they’re only offered for a limited time, we were struck with a bit of FOMO at the thought of ordering something else. 2 of my kiddos decided to kick it up a notch and go for the extra spicy, I stuck with the regular and was perfectly happy with the level of spice.

Sichuan chicken strips, panda express cupTeriyaki Chicken in a rice bowl from Panda Express

My oldest who doesn’t like spice in any form or fashion tried the Grilled Teriyaki Chicken from their Wok Smart menu which offers several dishes that are lower in calories but maintain that excellent Chinese inspired flavor, pair that with some steamed brown rice or super greens and you can walk away feeling good about your healthy dining options and calling it a miracle that you managed to get a healthy meal in while running crazy all across town.

Chocolate chip cookie, panda express packagingWe did a bowl that includes 1 entree and 1 side and the portions were more than any of us could finish on our own – yay for leftovers! For the small set in the family, they offer kids meals that include any 1 Jr Side, 1 Jr Entree, 12 oz Drink & Cookie.

If it’s been a long day and you just want to get home, Panda Express offers online ordering so you can skip the line or pick up and be on your way (back to nagging the kids about homework and having things packed and ready for the next school day.)

Panda Express has several locations across Birmingham and surrounding areas, including:

101 Resource Parkway (Birmingham, AL)
245 South Colonial Drive (Alabaster, AL)
500 East Melghan Blvd (Gadsden, AL)
5505 AL Hwy NW (Cullman, AL)
20 Common Way (Oxford, AL)

Have you taken advantage of the convenience of Panda Express? What’s your favorite menu item we need to try on our next visit?

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