Mason Jar-O-Lantern

We love Halloween decorations and we love a cute DIY project.. Here’s one that’s super easy and inexpensive to add to your seasonal decor’

Because we craft a fair amount in this house, we had the acrylic paints and brushes on hand, we hit the thrift stores for some different size mason jars (.49 cents each!) mayonnaise jars also work, then we picked up some flameless candles to drop inside of each jar.

To create your own “Mason Jar O’ Lantern” paint your jars with your choice of color, we went with orange, (the traditional take on a jack o’ lantern.) Use black paint or a permanent marker to create your face. Make sure not to make the paint too thick. You’ll want it to cover the jar but not block out the glow of the light inside.

These make a great display for a window sill or mantle – My girls had a blast painting, littles might need some help with the faces but overall it’s a very easy craft to do with the kids of all ages!








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