Getting to Know Dr. Dominique Backus

We here are BirminghamMommy are looking at a lot of years with our kids in braces, so when we set out to choose someone to help us with that journey, we wanted someone we knew was going to make us feel at home and comfortable, because when it comes to braces, it’s a lot of scheduled appointments and some not-so-scheduled appointments when your kid bends a wire eating something they’re not supposed to be eating. Backus had also treated me years ago for TMJ, and their dad was fitted with braces as an adult. When we went for our initial consults, we were happy to see that even after all these years, they were still offering the same friendly service we experienced ourselves well before kids even entered our world.

When asked what patients of Backus Braces can expect from her office, Dr Backus explained that their patients can expect to be treated like friends and welcomed into their orthodontic family as they go above and beyond for them.

Backus braces offers a clean, comfortable, safe and fun environment for their patients and they have a passion for personalized service. Dr Backus says “personalized service begins by actively listening to and communicating with our patients and parents to understand their individual concerns. We want them to know that we are invested in them.”

Offering a wide range of services for their patients, from clear esthetic, comfortable self-ligating, and 100% customizable brackets, and invisalign to services that help with TMJ and craniofacial problems. Dr. Backus believes that what sets her practice apart from others is their unparalleled consistency of care to achieve a beautiful smile in the shortest time possible.

You can follow along with our kid reporter, Elizabeth on our social media as she documents her journey to a beautiful smile with Backus Braces.

Dr. Dominique Backus is conveniently located in Homewood, at 3507 Old Montgomery Hwy. They offer early morning appts (our favorite) to accommodate busy schedules. To learn more about their services or schedule your free consult, you can call (205) 879-0557




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