Fun (non candy) Easter Basket Stuffers

Let’s be honest… We all know what happens to the candy that comes with every holiday…

Mom walks by basket,

Mom picks up snack size Snickers,”it’s just one Snickers” she thinks, “AND it’s snack size, it barely even counts as calories…

Mom leaves room walking past basket and picks up another little piece of chocolate,

And so on as the day goes. Before you know it, Mom has eaten the equivalent of 5 full size candy bars and the kids are wondering where their candy went while they were at school. It’s really not a pretty scenario.

So, here are some ideas for Non Candy, Easter Basket Stuffers that will save you some calories, and your kids will still love!

1. Theme a basket to a movie your kids are wanting to see (Avengers: Endgame, Anyone??) Get a couple of themed items along with movie tickets or a gift card for you to go see the movie together as a family. You could also do this with something that is new on DVD or a Redbox Gift Card. Include popcorn, and candy and make Sunday night your movie night.

2. Pick up some tickets to a local attraction such as McWane Science Center, Splash Adventure, Desoto Caverns, etc.

3. Theme a basket for outside toys. The weather is warming up and you can never have enough sidewalk chalk or bubbles, maybe even spring for a bubble machine! A great place for these items is 5 Below, if you have one near you.

4. Self Care Basket. If you have some kiddos that like bath bombs and face masks, this would be a good time to go crazy with all of the fun bath stuff that’s so popular right now. Target has a great selection, and if you want to shop local, Soca Girl in Homewood has an entire section of fun self care supplies for preteens and tweens.

5. Sports Basket. Much like some tickets to our local attractions, you could theme a basket for the sports fan in your family. The Birmingham Barons just kicked off their 2019 season, tickets to a game, a new glove, some baseball cards, Big League Chew and some sunflower seeds would be perfect!

6. Coffee Basket. I know this sounds more like something you would want the Easter Bunny to bring you, but if you have a Teen that has already fallen into the world of coffee addiction, try a basket filled with some fun re-usable cups, a travel mug and gift card to their favorite coffee shop.

Other ideas include:

Bath toys
Art Supplies
Fun Socks
Beach Toys
Slime Supplies (if you’re nice and still haven’t banned it from your home like I have)
Fun Post It’s
Makeup/Nail polish
Gift Cards to their favorite store

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