Easy After School Snacks

Peanut butter and oatmeal cookies, healthy oatmeal cookies snack

When the kids get home from school they are like ravenous wolves. Usually they just grab any unhealthy thing they can find but this year I decided to work a little harder for them and make sure they have a healthy, filling treat when they get home. Here are the recipes for some of our favorites!

Apple cookies



½ cup of peanut butter/Nutella/any sort of apple spread

raisins/chocolate chips/granola/whatever floats your boat

This one is super easy and versatile. We slice our apples in circles and cut out the core. Then we just add the toppings we are in the mood for and voila! Our favorite is granny smith with peanut butter and chocolate chips but we have also used other apples, Nutella, raisins, granola, cranberry’s, etc. I am not sure you can really do apple cookies wrong. Easy and delicious!


No Bake Monster Cookies

This is a treat I usually make at night. This kids love to help make these and they taste delicious. We do not always have m&ms on hand so we substitute raisins or anything in the pantry that sounds good. We are flexible like that.


1.5 cups of old fashioned oats

½ cup creamy peanut butter

¼ cup honey

1/3 cup mini m&ms

1/3 cup mini chocolate chips (or raisins)

Mix all ingredients together in a bowl until everything is combined. Roll into bite sized balls and place on a cookie sheet in the fridge until solid. You can store them in Ziploc bags or Tupperware containers. Ours usually do not last long enough for lengthy storage! This is one of my favorites because it is a snack the kids can get themselves without mom’s help.

Banana Roll Ups


Tortillas or bread slices

½ cup of peanut butter/Nutella/or spread

1 banana

The original we tried these was with tortillas but my kids prefer them with bread. It is not as pretty but just as tasty. Like the other recipes these are simple to adapt while keeping a great taste. With the tortilla you smear the whole piece with your spread and then roll your banana in it like a sushi roll. Then slice it. With the bread we have to roll the slices to thin them out enough to get the spread and banana all the way in the wrap.

Fruit and Cracker Pizzas


Ritz crackers

Cream cheese/or any preferred spread

Fruit of choice

We are a peanut butter loving family but I thought I should probably include one recipe that did not involve that ingredient. I am a firm believer that anything with cream cheese is to die for and this treat is no exception. This is fast and easy and just makes me feel like a good mom when I have it on the table for the kids before they get home.

Of course we still have granola bar, gogurt snack days but it doesn’t kill me to make something a little fancier every now and then. Plus, the kids smile and excitement make it all worth it!

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Grace was born and brought up in Bessemer, Alabama but has a great love for exploring new places. She has been married for 8 years and has 3 kids, expecting number 4 in December. Having been  a student off and on for the last 10 years she is excited to say that she is finally graduating from BYU-Idaho with a degree in Marriage and Family Counseling this year. She loves to learn and share what she learns with as many people as possible. Strengthening and encouraging positive relationships with couples and families is a life goal and passion. Her biggest hobby is her family and finding new and fun ways to accomplish the above life goal in her home.

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