DIY Game Day Wreath

Game Day WreathFootball Season has arrived and whether you’re cheering for the Tigers or the Tide (or any other team- College, Pro or Highschool) here’s a fun easy wreath you can make for your front door…

We saw this originally on HGTV as a fall wreath (which is super cute, love the colors they used) but thought it would be fun to do something new for football season. They also left their Embroidery Hoop unfinished which makes this a much easier project than wrapping it in twine like we did.

What You’ll Need:

1 Embroidery Hoop (we got the largest we could find)
2 Felt that coordinates with your team colors3 Twine or Paint (optional to finish embroidery hoop)
4 Hot Glue

What You’ll Do:

1. Wrap or Paint your hoop.. should you so choose
2. Cut petals out of felt in various sizes (we did 2 colors, 4-5 sizes)3. Stack and hot glue your petals in bunches
4. Arrange and Glue on to your hoop

Done and Done! Super easy and we spent less than $20 (twine included)

IMG_0884 Game Day Wreath

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