Dino Days at McWane Science Center

Get ready for a roaring good weekend to celebrate dinosaurs!

Visit the Dinosaurs in Motion exhibit, look for fossils, and dig into hands-on activities and special dinosaur programs.

Meet a Paleontologist! Meet McWane Science Center’s very own paleontologist, Jun Ebersole, on Saturday 1:00 to 3:00 pm and on Sunday, 2:00 to 3:30 pm. Bring a fossil (one only please) to be identified, ask questions, and learn about Alabama’s ancient past.

Other activities include adding scales to our 15 foot dinosaur, competing in Dino challenges, make a fossil imprint to take home and much, much more.

Dino Days – May 19th and 20th during museum hours.

The Dinosaurs in Motion Exhibit opens May 13th and runs until September 3rd.

Dinosaurs in Motion engages and educates the visitor using magnificent, fully interactive, life-size metal dinosaur sculptures created by North Carolina artist John Payne. An amazing blend of science, art and innovation, these life-sized metal sculptures will captivate visitors while their exposed mechanics illustrate science and technology principles in a fun and engaging way.

Payne’s dinosaur sculptures also weave the principles of kinetics, biomechanics and robotics in their exposed mechanics and movable features. Visitors have the unique ability to manipulate the dinosaurs via lever and pulley systems, as well as with remote controls, offering large-scale dinosaur interaction unprecedented in a museum setting. Principles of innovation, observation and experimentation are also encouraged throughout the exhibition and are reinforced as the visitor takes on the roll of an “apprentice” in Payne’s studio.


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