Craft Ideas for Summer Fun!

Summer is full of fun and sun, beach and pool days, but every year when we make our summer fun lists, crafts always gets added because it makes a great rainy day/down day option and bonus, we still get to mark something off of our list!

Here are some ideas for crafts you can do this summer to keep the littles busy and maybe even make a keepsake or wearable.

Tye Dye– This is always a favorite with my girls, right before school was out I picked up these cute little kits at the Target $ Spot, then we hit up hobby lobby for some plain white tees and we have everything we need for an afternoon of fashion designing!



Egg Shell Herb Garden –

Here’s what you will need for this craft:

3 Large Eggs
Egg Carton
Waterproof Markers
Potting Soil
Herb Seeds

Start by making a hole in the top of your eggs, about the size of a quarter. Empty the eggs into your bowl and use those to scramble later! Carefully clean the eggs with a little soap and water, rinse thoroughly and allow them to dry.

Once your eggshells are dry, get creative by drawing some fun faces on your eggs. Just remember, be very very careful.

Fill your shells with soil and sprinkle your seeds inside. Set them in your egg carton and use your marker to label the carton and set your herb egg in it’s appropriate place. Gently water.

Set them in a sunny spot and make sure to keep the soil moist, before you know it you will have little sprouts of herbs ready to garnish your delicious dinner.

Fruit Stamp Place Mats – This one is fun because you can rummage through the fridge and use whatever fruit you have on hand. Pears and Apples work great! Grab some plain cardstock, paint and just cut your fruit in half and stamp the papers. Once it’s dry completely you can turn them into place mats by using laminating sheets. You could also stamp a canvas if you wanted to make a picture for the house or if you have one or wanted to purchase a canvas bag you could make a custom designed tote!


If I could sum up one never fail craft interest that seems to continue to grow in popularity, it’s SLIME. I had managed to put our slime factory out of business for a while, but with summer here our factory is now re-opened. We made a deal that all supplies must stay in their designated buckets and if after they’ve been working on a new batch I find anything left over, it’s mine. So far, so good, but my goodness this is a messy endeavor with shaving cream and food coloring all over my counters and hardwoods.. Slime in the rugs or carpet where they’ve been playing and drop it.. If you’re a cooler Mom than me and the mess of the slime doesn’t stress you out, here are a few of our favorite slime recipes…

Easy Slime Recipe:

Supplies Needed:

1/2 Tbsp of Baking Soda
1 Tbsp of Contact lens solution
4 fl oz white school glue
Food coloring of your choice

What you’ll do:
Mix glue and baking soda together, then add food coloring. Add contact solution until mixture no longer sticks to the bowl. Take out and knead with hands when mixture becomes too tough to mix. *My kids like adding glitter to everything they make, but you can easily make glitter slime with glitter glue.. See next recipe.

Glitter Slime

1/2 Tbsp of Baking Soda
1 Tbsp of Contact lens solution
5 fl oz of clear school glue
.356 fl oz glitter glue

Pour clear glue into a bowl and add baking soda, add your glitter glue, mix. Add contact lens solution, and mix until slime forms. Take out and knead with hands when mixture becomes too tough to mix. *Note: I like this option because there’s no messy food coloring or loose glitter.

Non Sticky Slime:

Supplies Needed:

1/2 cup of school glue
1/2 tsp of baking soda
2-3 drops of food coloring of choice
1-2 tbsp of contact solution
2-3 drops of baby oil
Glitter *optional

What you’ll do:

Mix glue and baking soda together then add food coloring, add contact solution until mixture no longer sticks to the bowl, once all mixed together, add baby oil to reduce stickiness. If you choose to add glitter, you can do that once mix is complete.

So… that’s it, a few ideas to keep the kiddos busy. Now, should you find yourself with a mess on your hands after an afternoon of crafting or if you find slime all over your house, our friends over at Stanley Steemer can come to your rescue! Remember to use code “Mom30” for $30 off any service. (minimum charges apply)

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