Book Review: Monsterville By: Sarah S. Reida

monstervilleMonsterville by Sarah S. Reida is an amazing book! I recommend it for 10-13 year olds. Monsterville is a story about a girl named Lissa who lives in New York City. Lissa’s aunt has died and suddenly, without discussion, her family is packing up and moving to “the sticks” of Freeburg, Pennsylvania.  At first, Freesburg seems like a peaceful little town…. even sleepier than Sleepy Hollow! But just wait…

Lissa’s little sister, Haylie, finds a board game in their aunt’s attic called “Monsterville.” Haylie finds that she loves the game and always  wins on the werewolf or, as she calls it, the “doggy’s” path. Then, Lissa finds her aunt’s hidden notebook, which gives her some clues that some people … and some things… are not what they seem. For example, the seemingly harmless board game Monsterville just might lead to real trouble for Lissa and her sister. On Halloween night, Haylie goes missing and it’s up to Lissa, her new neighbor, Adam, and a mysterious friend with unusual features to find Haylie before it’s too late.

Can Lissa rescue Haylie or will all be lost and the monsters reign forever? Read this spooky and exciting book to find out. You won’t regret it – I loved it!

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About Emma:

Emma is a 9 year old 4th grader. She loves reading, basketball, movies and cats.

11 thoughts on “Book Review: Monsterville By: Sarah S. Reida

  1. Emma has been a vociferous reader since she was about 4 years old. I am always astonished at the depth of her insights into characters and her accurate analysis and expression of this in her book reviews. You rock Emma Kate, thank you.

    1. Hi Emma! This is Sarah Reida, the author. I was excited to see your review, and glad to read Jo’s comment that you read a lot. That is very important!

      And I must say – I absolutely thought a grownup wrote your review. Maybe one day you’ll be a writer too! Thank you for reading/reviewing Monsterville; I know there are a lot of great books out there to choose from. (When I was your age, my favorites were R.L. Stine and Roald Dahl. But I read EVERYTHING!).

      1. Thanks for commenting about my review!?I❤️ Monsterville. It is really cool ? and I love the part where Lissa and Adam meet Blue. Blue is a Sasquatch who Moos. ?It is really funny and life to death scary ?Boo! I really like Blue’s name and Lissa’s move to the “sticks.” Thanks again for commenting!

  2. WOWZER! Emma, I see a real literary career ahead for you. Will it be as a critic or an author or both? In any case, I know you will continue to be a great reader! MAG

  3. Wow, I forgot about this. It’s really cool to see what I wrote in 5th grade. Right now I’m a seventh grader and it’s so awesome that I was writing book reviews at 9! I am almost 13 now, and I am so happy that this is still up.

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