Valentine’s Day at the Birmingham Zoo

VALENTINE’S DAY ENRICHMENT: Join us on Valentine’s Day as members of our animal family enjoy special holiday themed enrichment! Guests are welcome to watch from the viewing areas outside of the animal habitats. Photos and video of the enrichment are welcome!

Valentine’s Day on Thursday, February 14

9am – 10am Coyotes and Fishing Cats at the Predator building
10:30am Raptors in Children’s Zoo
11:30am Komodo Dragon
1pm Cassowary in Birds
1:45pm Elephants in Trails of Africa
Afternoon various Primates

❤️ **Enrichment activities are FREE when you purchase admission to the Zoo!**

❤️ DID YOU KNOW: The Birmingham Zoo’s Enrichment Program provides our animal family with activities that stimulate their physical and mental behavior. We strive to enhance their well-being and improve their overall quality of life. Our Animal Care Professionals create opportunities for animals to exercise control and choice over their environment. The results are positive and rewarding!

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