Summer Camp Spotlight: Alabama School of Fine Arts

It’s Alabama and we’re all looking forward to a steamy summer. There’s a way to make that summer S.T.E.A.M. count with camps in Science-Technology-Engineering-Arts-Math at Alabama School of Fine Arts. ASFA is a public magnet school that is a unique intersection of arts and sciences. During the summer, ASFA opens its doors to the wider community and to younger students with its summer programs.

ASFA Summer Camps meet the needs of the young sketch artist to the young scientist. Programs are designed to educate, inspire and enrich the student in a fun and collaborative environment. Campers may choose to build their dance technique, their confidence on the stage or even an app.

Campers at ASFA S.T.E.A.M. summer program will learn specific skills like how to pirouette, how to hit a D flat, what a+b equals, how to draw perspective, what the rules of improv are, and how to write an answer to a generative prompt. Beyond technical skills though, students will also work on collaboration, creative problem-solving, discipline, and self-responsibility. Instructors and faculty are experienced professionals, both as teachers and as artists and experts in their fields. They provide a caring and safe environment where students are challenged to reach their full potential.

The expert faculty teaches these specialized camps on a pre-professional level. Campers can chose to attend a camp focused on creative writing, dance, video game design, app programming, mathematics, music, theatre arts or visual arts. Most camps are a half day (except theater) so you can mix and match an arts camp with a STEM camp to have a full day of right and left brained learning.

The camps will have you grand jete-ing across a studio, writing poetry and prose, running lines, designing your own video game, earning school credit for Algebra, being inspired at the Museum of Art and learning how to better play an instrument and working on ear-training.

These camps are also a perfect opportunity to see what ASFA is all about and get a taste of ASFA’s excellent specialized education. Many students come to camps to see if applying to ASFA would be something they would like to pursue.

Campers are guaranteed to connect with other campers, laugh, learn and have fun in an environment of exploration and excellence.

Camps run throughout June with easy drop off and pick up at ASFA’s conveniently located downtown campus.

For more information or to register for any of the camps offered by ASFA, visit their website

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