Gimme 5: It takes a village… a village and a portable entertainment device

Gimme 5! Tips from a mediocre Mom, neatly packaged in list form ~Kristine Gresh It takes a village… a village and a portable entertainment device Sure, it’s nice to be able to “do it all” and feel that sense of Supermomma pride, but sometimes the cape needs a rest. And so do you. Plus, kids ... Read More

Imagine using your discards to make high quality, original clothes! You will smile when you see your hip and modern kid, and your wallet will sigh a breath of relief. It’s time to rethink couture… Moms in Birmingham love to dress their children. Stroll around any given shopping center and you’ll see some cute outfits ... Read More

Meanwhile, at the youth soccer game…

By Country-Fried Mama The sun sets slowly behind The Piggly Wiggly.  Across a four-lane road clogged with rush-hour traffic, a dozen three- and four-year-olds gather on a dusty field.  Clothed in new cleats, heavy socks, too-long shirts and varying degrees of disinterest, the kids eye each other, their coaches and the goals.  These final things ... Read More

Our first get-together was a huge success! We wanted to thank all the lovely ladies who were able to join us. We ate some delicious queso while we got $3 margaritas and $1.50 Coronas! The tacos were divine, with the catfish taco being the favorite. We mixed, we mingled, we even made a few facebook ... Read More

We have a wonderful assortment of content headed your way for January, including monthly columns from several contributors, some fun features and of course, our up-to-date weekly calendar!  We also have a few surprises in store!  Can’t wait to share them with you! ... Read More