Listen Up Birmingham! Zoe's Menu is Now Even Better!

All right moms, let’s be honest. There are a few things that we love, love, love so much that we’d eat it all the time. One of mine is feta. You can put feta on a shoe and I’ll at least try it.

Zoe’s Kitchen is already a favorite spot of moms in Birmingham for several reasons: it’s clean, has healthy food options, and is kid friendly. We told you back in 2008 how much we love Zoe’s, and now they’ve earned a prime spot on our “Local Resources” page too! But what we’re really loving now is that they evolve!

They’ve spiced their menu up with a few new options. (Not that my beloved chicken roll ups aren’t good enough, they’re just trying to stay fresh. We like fresh.)
Hummus… why haven’t they had hummus all along? It’s such a great fit and it just makes sense that they should have it. Well now, they do. And it is homemade and tastes like it crawled right out of My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Dip it, dip it now! The Hummus Salad Plate consists of hummus, greek salad, olives, tomato-cucumber salad, served with pita.

The steak roll ups are a heartier cousin of the chicken roll ups. If I had to pick I’d say chicken for lunch and steak for dinner. More filling with swiss cheese and sauteed mushrooms, and the yogurt dip was divine. Men will like this new option, since chicken is girly. (According to my meat and potato lovin’ man)

Chocolate chip cookies were so good that I’d do bad things to get them. Enough said. Though I should add that they are even better when popped in the microwave for a few seconds.

Braised white beans were a unique side that you won’t get tired of because no one else in town has it. Think rosemary and white bean… then get a fork because it’s the perfect amount of herb and creaminess.

One other menu change is that the Greek Chicken Dinner for 4 was taken off the menu due to declining demand, but has been replaced with the Rollup Combo Dinner for 4 which is a much more kid-friendly dinner.

The new menu is available now at all the Birmingham (and beyond) locations!

Make sure to check into following Zoe’s on Twitter and Facebook. They’ve even been doing a few promotions for fans and followers only – so… what are you waiting for?

Now – want a chance to win some zoe’s?  Head over to Grasping for Objectivity! Rachel has a great giveaway going for 10 (separate winners) zoe’s meal cards valid for the steak rollups and your choice of side!  Plus, while you’re there, check out her review!

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