You Color My World, Valentine

My kids school doesn’t allow snacks or candies when it comes to Valentine’s Day and class parties, and although I think Valentine’s Day is incomplete without a box of Conversation Hearts, I will abide by the rules. Begrudgingly. I guess.

No candy and no treats means boring getting creative and pintrest-y. So I decided that we would melt crayons into little hearts, bag them up and attach a cute tag with ribbon. Easy enough.

Now, fair warning. It takes A LOT of crayons. More than you might think, so be prepared. Especially if you’re doing multiple classes. You can buy smaller clear bags but you’re still looking at several hearts per bag. While perusing Pinterest, I ran across this cute print out that will take it down to 1 heart per kid, but that’s if your kid hasn’t already decided they want to fill a bag with crayon hearts…. (Like all 3 of mine have..)

What You’ll Need:

A boat load of crayons
Silicon heart shape muffin “pan”

What you’ll do:

Peel and break crayons
Fill up the hearts (get them really full, they melt down considerably)
Bake at 250 degrees, for 15 minutes
Allow to cool COMPLETELY before removing.

I’m guessing that the baking heart pan won’t be reusable but it was under $4 at Wal Mart so you won’t be out too much.

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