Would you microchip your child?

Let’s face it, there are some scary people in the world. One of the hardest struggles of my life is letting go of my children and letting them go into a scary world. I am terrified of what or who may try to hurt them. The thought of one or both of them being lost or kidnapped makes my stomach turn. The feeling of helplessness… I’m just not sure I could bear it.

Which leads me to this question,

Would you microchip your child?

It sounds crazy, but we microchip our cars and even our pets… things we don’t want stolen or lost. Is it so crazy to microchip our children? When they hit a certain age, the microchip could easily be taken out. I don’t think the appropriate reason would be to spy, but rather for emergency use only.

We’d love to know, what do you think about child-microchipping?

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