Why Dads are Better than Moms (Sometimes)

Moms always get the kudos, but Dads are pretty amazing too! Here are a few ways that Dads rock this whole parenting gig:

1. They don’t care if clothes match. We’ve all seen our child head out looking homeless or in their pajamas while under daddy’s watch. We may cringe, but it’s a good thing. It builds character and it’s a nice reminder that what they’re wearing doesn’t matter at all. That mismatched outfit is PERFECT for playground time.

2. They wrestle. With sound effects. Dads roughhouse and kids love it. Reading a book with mommy and teddy bear is nice, but having teddy bear turn into a tickle monster and attack your belly with monster sounds is divine.

3. They are guilt-free. Mommy guilt doesn’t exist for dads. They don’t care if Mary’s mom only feeds her toddler homemade organic foods. Dads keep their focus on the simple things.

4. They are vulgar. Burping, farting, chewing with your mouth open… all things that kids learn from dad. At heart, most dads are still 8 year old boys inside. A good fart is all they need to fall into a fit of laughter. Guess who appreciates that? Your child.

Happy Father’s Day, Dads!

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